OVI Checkpoint Success

by Danielle Cotterman on August 29, 2011 at 3:53 am

A Muskingum County sobriety check-point stopped more than 600 drivers on Friday night.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol held a drunk driving checkpoint just south of Wal-Mart on State Route 22 in Newton Township. The plans for the operation were released the day before. Lieutenant Steven Rine said the goal isn’t so much to arrest impaired drivers as it is to deter and educate.

"That’s a deterrent," said Rine. "We put it out in the media we want to be sure we’re not going to have impaired drivers in the area that we’re doing our saturation."

Friday night’s check-point made one arrest for driving under suspension and two arrests for no license to operate. Rine said nearly 40% of vehicle fatalities are alcohol related.

"There’s a decrease our fatal number crashes," said Rine. "So we’re doing something right.  Alcohol related deaths are still 35-45%."

State Highway Patrol will amp-up their efforts. Thanks to a Federal Grant the state will hold twice as many OVI Checkpoints compared to years passed. You can expect another one in upcoming months.