Nichole Hannahs

Police Investigate Shots Fired

by Nichole Hannahs on August 16, 2011 at 5:03 am

Zanesville Police investigate a report of shots fired Tuesday afternoon.

Around 12:30pm police were called to the corner of Ridge and Schaum Avenues after a report came in of shots fired. One witness at the scene describes what he saw as he entered R&K Drive-Thru

"A bunch of kids there was about six of them between the age of maybe 17 to 21 were chasing down some boy. I went in the drive thru and you heard at least seven rounds from a magazine and they were screaming and yelling, You’re dead," said Witness Dave Saylor.

Saylor said the boy being chased looked to be about 12-years-old. Police were unable to locate a victim. Saylor said he’s lived on Schaum eight years and is becoming concerned with safety after several car and home break-ins.

"I got a wife that’s home at nighttime while I’m working. Our kids are grown but still I worry about her," explained Saylor. "It’s like what do you think?"

Two shell casings were found at the scene. Police continue to investigate and have not yet released any other information.