Remember the Ramblers

by Danielle Cotterman on August 13, 2011 at 6:12 am

A section of Roseville’s main street was shut down Saturday evening…to celebrate the Orange and Black.

Alumni of Roseville High School gathered for their 2nd annual – all combined – reunion. Orange and Black Alumni Association President Steve Lanning said anyone who ever attended the high school were welcome. Last year more than 500 people came out.

"A lot of reunions they say, oh you only want to do reunions every 3 or 5 years," said Lanning. "Well we’re all getting older so we need to connect more often than what we normally would."

Roseville High School is no longer in existence – the final class of Roseville Ramblers graduated in 1970 when the school was combined with Philo High School. Some of Saturday’s oldest participants dated back to the Graduating Class of 41′.

"I think the best apart of tonight is going to be singing the fight song and alma mater," said Lanning, "we’re all going to join hands and share some form of solidarity for the Orange and Black."

All food proceeds went towards the Orange and Black Scholarship Fund.