Reminder: Smoking Kills, Graphic Labels To Appear on Cigarettes

by Danielle Cotterman on August 7, 2011 at 9:57 am

Corpses, cancer patients and children in smoke: just some of the images the federal government plans to put on cigarette packages.

A powerful change to U.S. cigarette packs sparks a heavy debate. The Food And Drug Administration revealed earlier this summer the nine new warning labels that portray the negative health effects of using tobacco. This will be the first authorized change on cigarettes in 25 years. Among the change cigarette labels will now have images such as a man with a tracheotomy smoking, the corpse of a smoker and a mother holding her baby with smoke around them. The images include phrases like "Smoking Can Kill You" and "Tobacco Smoke Can Harm Your Child."

The Prevention plan is part of the law passed in June 2009 giving the FDA Command to regulate tobacco, including marketing and labeling guidelines. However, the law doesn’t allow the FDA to ban nicotine or tobacco entirely. The new warning labels are to cover half a pack of cigarettes-both front and back- The labels will go into effect by Fall 2012.

WHIZ spoke with smokers to get their opinion on if this will make a difference. To see their response click " Video" on the left side of the screen.