Riverboat Night Coming Soon

by Danielle Cotterman on August 8, 2011 at 4:36 am

East Side Community Ministry created a new signature event in hopes of bringing in funding and support.

The first-ever Riverboat Night will take place this Friday. Participants will be given play "money" to use throughout the evening. Winnings will be given in the form of tickets and can be used to enter for grand prize drawings. Development Director Joey Osborn is excited to hand out the grand prizes, one of which is a hand-made Ohio State Quilt and tickets to a game.

"Three Caribbean trips, another trip to Florida, an entertainment package from the Welcome Center," listed Osborn. "We have a really great array of things."

A silent auction will also take place throughout the night. More than $7,000 of items have been donated. All proceeds will go to benefit the East-Side Community Ministry Programs. Osborn wants to remind the community that they are a key component in programs such as Adult and Youth Services, the Food Pantry, Clothing Bank and Emergency Relief Services.

"East Side is really involved in many facets of peoples lives here in Zanesville," said Osborn "You folks have probably heard of our "Lace-Up" and "Tools for School" projects that are going on. We have need in the community all year round with under employment and unemployment."

Riverboat Night will take place this Friday at Eagle Sticks Country Club. Contact East Side Community Ministry (740) 452-7519/ to make reservations. Tickets are $30 a person.