Rodney Atkins Rocks the Fair

by Kelly Choate on August 19, 2011 at 6:56 am

It was all about America at the Rodney Atkins concert Thursday night at the Muskingum County Fair.  After taking a moment to honor our service men and women, Atkins kicked off the show with his hit song "It’s America".

The grandstand was packed with fans who couldn’t wait to hear Atkins promote his new album.  Jordan Knight said his favorite song is "Watching You".

"His music style is real good," said Knight.  "I like the fast pace, happy stuff.  It’s not sad, it makes me laugh."

Melinda Nelson didn’t waste any time getting tickets to the concert.  Nelson said she secured her seat back in June.

"I heard he was coming, and I was really excited," said Nelson.  "We had to get tickets and come since it’s so close."

Glenn Dutro had a different reason for coming to see Atkins.

"Just kicking back and relaxing," said Dutro.  "I just got back from basic training."

Atkins will release his new album "Take a Back Road" on October 4th.  The demolition derby will take over the track Friday at 8 PM.