St. Nicholas Fest, Big Success

by Danielle Cotterman on August 7, 2011 at 7:20 am

This year’s St. Nicholas Festival proved to be another successful year.

The festival kicked off Wednesday and ended Saturday night. Exact numbers have not yet been figured out but, Former Chair Bill Kohler estimates money raised to be around $40,000 – All of which will go on to benefit the education and subsidize tuition for Bishop Fenwick students.

"We try and touch every student that goes to and is enrolled at Bishop Fenwick," said Kohler. "It comes right off the top of tuition, they subsidize among all of them and split it up equally."

The festival often times brings out community members, former students, and family and friends of those involved in the school. Kohler said this years proceeds will be slightly less than years past due to the poor weather on Wednesday and Thursday, but the remainder of the festival proved to be a success.

"The grounds right here in this area on Friday and Saturday were full," explained Kohler. "I’ve never put a number to it or tried to put a number to attendance but I just know it’s been wonderful."

Kohler is looking forward to next years festival and said the project can be daunting with set-up taking about a week and tear-down taking a couple days after the festival is over.