Support for the Mentally Ill

by Kelly Choate on August 19, 2011 at 5:57 am

A Zanesville support group is speaking out about mental health.

"A Circle With In" sponsored a rally on the Muskingum County Courthouse steps on Friday.  Human Relations Coordinator Sudi Bess said the goal is to combat the stigma attached to mental illness.

"There is no difference," said Bess.  "I may have bipolar disorder.  I may be skitzofrenic.  I may have a dozen things, but unless I tell you, you’re never really going to know."

Dozens of people showed up to listen to music, play games and make donations.  Those who suffered from metal illness got personal with the audience.

"The people that wish to tell a recovery story, what brought them from alcoholism to rehabilitation to recovery," said Bess.

Friday was the first rally for ACWI, but Bess said it could become an annual event.