Sweet Shoppe Offers Plenty of Options for the Sweet Tooth

by Mark Bullion on August 19, 2011 at 7:03 am

The Muskingum County Fair is quite the place to be including those who have a big sweet tooth.

The Sweet Shoppe at the fair deep fries just about everything including cheese cakes, strawberries, cookie dough, buckeyes and just about any candy bar.

"We have several different variety of candy bars from 3 Musketeers to Milky Way to Snickers," said Chris Randles who runs the Sweet Shoppe.

 Randles says the only bad part of the delicious treats is of course the grease, but it’s not enough to stop fair-goers from keeping their taste buds happy.

"The funnel cake batter is all homemade from scratch everyday, it’s all natural ingredients, it’s pretty good," said Randles.

The Sweet Shoppe is located near the Grand Stand at the fairgrounds and will be open until the fair closes on Saturday.