Teams Battle on the Field and in the Locker Room

by Kelly Mills on August 20, 2011 at 3:55 am

Two area football teams that battled each other in a scrimmage Friday night, have been busy this week battling the spread of skin infections in their players.

Thursday Tri-Valley was notified one of their football players contracted MRSA. And since last week 20 Zanesville players have come down with impetigo.

“It can start looking just like anything. It kind of takes advantage of an open wound and it’ll kind of get a red, sore crust  with pus, it starts to ooze,” says Doug Smith, Zanesville Athletic Trainer.

Six Zanesville players had to sit out the scrimmage due to the infection and the team has limited skin-to-skin contact in practices.

Both teams have sanitized their locker rooms multiple times, but school officials say preventing the spread of infection begins at home.

“The number one thing is wash your clothes, wash practice uniforms. I mean those should be washed at a minimum without any instances or outbreaks once a week, but I mean now that we’ve had one you want to wash them every couple days and just showering after practice or right when you get home,” says Adam Rose, Tri-Valley Athletic Director.

Rose and Smith say they believe the infections are under control in the teams and that the necessary measures have been taken to prevent any players from contracting the bacterias in the future.