The Gift of Music

by Danielle Cotterman on August 13, 2011 at 6:15 am

A musical past-time for one local man will find a new tune in the hands of a young musician.

A trombone that has been halfway around the world and back brought-out many memories for Zanesville Resident Roger Eppley. The gift of music came from his father when Eppley first joined the Zanesville High School Band…more than 60 years ago. Unknowingly, that gift of music would carry Eppley through a war and home again.

"We thought we’d play in the band that’s a lot easier than being in the infantry," laughed Eppley.

With hopes that the instrument will find it’s way back to Zanesville High School, Eppley passed on the tarnished trombone to Retired Band Director Jeff Roquemore. Roquemore is currently coordinating an instrument collection drive through the Grace United Methodist Church that will give students the gift of music without the expensive price tag.

"Sometimes there are students that say, yes I want too do this, and then they get there and maybe not," said Roquemore. "But we’re hoping that our organization being generous and someone giving an instrument will give them the opportunity to discover that."

If interested in donating you can drop off instruments at the Grace United Methodist Church on Shinnick Street or you can call (740) 683-3309 to arrange an appointment.