Zanesville Church Robbed Twice in Two Weeks

by Kelly Choate on August 3, 2011 at 5:23 am

A Zanesville Pastor is speaking out after his church was robbed a second time in two weeks.

Pastor Jim Miller said the Northside Church of Nazarene was broken into early Wednesday morning.  Miller said the first robbery happened two weeks ago, and he believes the same thieves are responsible for both break-ins.

"They have fingerprints and footprints, but so far those don’t lead to anyone in particular," said Miller.

Miller said the culprits got away with cash and even stole his Oreo cookies from his office.  He said the robberies have interrupted the church’s fundraising efforts.

"We’re in the process of setting up for a silent auction that we plan to have this Saturday," said Miller.  "We intended to have stuff out today so people could look at it and make silent bids, but until we get the building secure, we can’t put that out."

Miller said he plans to install a security system in the church.  The crimes are still under investigation.