A Marathon Feeds the Hungry

by Danielle Cotterman on September 16, 2011 at 7:09 am

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Hunger in Ohio is on the rise. A recent report states 1 in 4 families are unable to afford food, making Ohio the 6th worst state in the nation when it comes to hunger. In an effort to make a difference, one local woman will lace-up and run – not only a mile- but a marathon- in their shoes….

"Definitely gives me a little bit more to keep going when I’m running all those miles that’s for sure," said Columbus Marathon Participant Shannon Riley.

Riley is in training for the Columbus half marathon. But all the miles aren’t just for her, she’ll be feeding the hungry along the way- sponsoring Christ’s Table.

Kathy is a regular at Christ’s Table. She asked us not to use her full name. Her and her husband are both disabled and receive social security but she said that’s not always enough.

 "I’d be living on the streets for one," explained Kathy. "Because it’s a matter of either a place to live or food."

Kathy’s struggle is one Executive Director Christ’s Table Keely Warden sees too often.

"The face of hunger has really changed," said Warden.  "You used to think about the face of hunger being the homeless people out on the streets faces of children now, faces of family, grandparents. "

"I didn’t want to choose a nationwide cause," said Riley. "I wanted to do something local."

Riley has a goal to raise a $1,000. Warden puts that into perspective knowing a single dollar will feed five people at Christ’s Table.

"It’s a lot of money, a lot of money," said Warden. ‘For a national organization a thousand dollars is a thousand dollars, but to Christ’s Table a thousand dollars will feed hundreds of people here."

We all have loved ones that need help form time to time," said Riley. "So I hope the community can rally together and support members of the community that need a little bit of assistance."

Christ’s Table has seen an 8% rise in the number of meals served this summer compared to years in the past.. If interested in supporting Shannon visit, www.crowdrise.com/shannonriley or drop a donation off at Christ’s Table.