An A-maize-ing Maze Brings Seasonal Fun

by Danielle Cotterman on September 29, 2011 at 10:31 am

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The fall season is here and families are now setting out in search of wholesome fun. McDonald’s Greenhouse in Zanesville guarantees you and the kids will have an "a-maze-ing" time.

"I grew up on a farm , I want my children to grow up on a farm and not everybody gets that chance," explained Co-Owner and Operator James McDonald.

"We work hard, we live off the land and this is how we feed our family," said Co-Owner and Operator Susan McDonald

For the past 16 years James and Susan McDonald have made a living selling spring annuals and fall mums. But the reality of their income set in with the birth of their 2 young boys.

"Farmers have to think harder and think smarter than their previous generations did to make an income off of the farm," explained Susan McDonald.

And so they did…Zanesville Resident Brittany Caldwell and her two children had just found their way through the 5-acre corn maze that is now featured at the McDonald’s Greenhouse. 

"I think they liked the corn maze," Caldwell, "we liked getting lost."

It was 6 years ago The McDonalds first transformed their family farm into a fall wonderland for kids, by creating a different corn-maze each season, the family invites the community to come learn about farm life.

"It’s educational without the kids thinking they are being educated," said Susan McDonald.

For Caldwell and her children it’s an opportunity to experience something almost brand new.

"Learning about different animals, and they don’t really get to see them [petting zoo animals] that much, so it’s nice to bring them out here and let them pet them and stuff like that," said Caldwell.

 "This has become my passion to teach and educate the public about agriculture and farming," expressed James McDonald.

A passion but still a necessity. At the end of the fall holiday the same corn seen in the maze will be used to feed the McDonald’s cattle.

"We’re out here all hours, days and night, and we work long hours because it’s a passion," said James McDonald. "It’s in your blood, you can’t get away from it.