Bride-To-Be Runs with the Bishops

by Danielle Cotterman on September 18, 2011 at 11:22 am

It was sight to see on Main Street Saturday, more than 100 people running down the road, including a bride.

It was all for the 4th Annual "Running with the Bishops." All proceeds will help pay for thirty 8th grade Bishop Fenwick students to attend their class trip to Chicago.

"It’s a real kick running up and down Main Street on a clear, sunny morning like we have here today," said teacher Dave Eppley. "We’ve really been lucky every year we’ve had really nice weather."

Students helped organize the run while participants had the choice to run or walk in a 5-K or mile. For Bride-To-Be Lindsay Starcher and her bridesmaids the brisk walk kicked-off her wedding day.

"Oh no, we’re going to walk but it’ll feel good," laughed Starcher. "It’ll be a nice good way to start the day."

Lindsay was married at 7:30 Saturday evening. Congratulations to her!