Carr Center, Car Show

by Danielle Cotterman on September 19, 2011 at 7:44 am

If you can bring it, you can show it.

It was a first for the Carr Center and Zanesville and Western Scenic Railroad. The Scenic Railroad is a fairly new organization in the area. It provides tourist train rides along the historic rail line known as Glass Rock Spur. Looking for a chance to spread the word they teamed-up Sunday with the Carr Center for a joint Charity Car Show.

"They’re already known in the area where we are just a start-up organization," said Vice president of Zanesville and Western Scenic Railroad Jon Marple. "We asked if they could help us out and they agreed to it."

The show encouraged all makes and models to take part. Everything from cars, motorcycles, tractors and railroad equipment was welcome. The day wasn’t only a win-situation for the the Scenic Railroad but also the Carr Center.

"Jon and his group have had a lot of experience with car show before and because we’re the Carr Center, two "R’s" and it’s a Car Show we thought it’d be kind of nifty if we had a Car Show at the Carr Center," joked Executive Director  of the Carr center John Hajjar.

Both the Carr Center and the Zanesville and Western Scenic Railroad are non-profit organizations. All proceeds were split fifty-fifty.