Nichole Hannahs

Chuck and Friends Teach Character

by Nichole Hannahs on September 30, 2011 at 11:25 am

It took a character named Chuck to enforce Maysville Elementary’s pillars of education.

The school instituted the pillars three years ago after joining a nationwide initiative called Character Counts. The initiative focuses on citizenship, respect, fairness, responsibility, caring and trustworthiness. The school uses "Chuck" as an example for students.

"It’s important especially in young people’s lives to have tools," said Dean of Students Jason Lee. "If they get off track that’s when they get in trouble because they feel like their helpless and have no one to turn to."

Helping "Chuck" Friday were six members of the community ranging from a Muskingum County Sheriff’s Deputy to a Judge.

"They can respect the fact that if they have all their pillars together days are going to be pretty good," said Lee. "If they are missing one or two pillars it’s going to affect their day so that concept their able to take it all in and apply it to their daily lives."

Since instituting the program school officials said they’ve seen discipline problems drop. The school is also applying to be a Character school. Our very own Daniel Wolfgang spoke to the students about responsibility.