Dog Warden Suggests Increase in Fees

by Danielle Cotterman on September 12, 2011 at 5:41 am

The Muskingum County Dog Warden is looking to make a change in adoption policies and fees.

Dog Warden Bryan Catlin went before Commissioners Monday purposing adoption fees cost $105 across the board. Currently the $105 charge is only for pets undergoing neutering or spaying. If the dog has been previously fixed the cost is reduced to $45. The problem rests in the difficulty of verifying if a dog has been previously fixed or not….

"Males is really easy you can tell, females if they were done at a young age the incision might not have been that big when they were young and now they’ve gotten that much older, bigger, sometimes the scar heals up so good you can’t tell," said Catlin. "The vets can’t even tell."

It’s not until the dog has been taken in for surgery the veterinarian is able to certify if the dog had been fixed. Customers receiving a previously fixed pet often times request a refund. Although the cost of the surgery is unchanged for the county. Catlin suggests a confirmed rate of $105 across the board would alive any future money loss by the county. Commissioners expressed concern that the county would then be making a profit when a dog had been previously fixed.

"It wouldn’t really take place that often if we adopted fifty dogs out, it might happen 5 times," explained Catlin. "So it’s not going to happen that often, and all the money goes to the dogs anyway , it’s to help take care of the pound."

Commissioners have taken the request under advisement until further notice.