Fire Department Lights the Grill in Early Morning Hours

by Danielle Cotterman on September 25, 2011 at 8:07 am

When most people barbecue, they do it in the late afternoon or evening hours, but not for one local fire department…they were up at 2:30 Sunday morning prepping for a big day ahead.

More than 1,100 chicken halves were grilled by the Newton Township Fire Department with all proceeds going back into their operation. Last years barbecue raised about $10,000, providing the fire department with 35 walkie-talkies with each device costing upwards of $400 a piece.

"We raise a little bit of money, we get to have the community in, we get to meet the people, we get to talk to them," said Fire Chief Allen Deaver. "It just helps them feel like they know us, so f they call for the squad and we show up they’ve atleast seen our faces before."

Rhema House of Worship member Ginny List has been supporting the local fire department for years. She said when the congregation first began they didn’t have a place to gather. The Newton Township Fire Department offered their gymnasium until they were able to build a church.

"So every year we’ve been real loyal about coming down to it, but the chickens always wonderful," said List. "My son cooks too so we have to come but it really is good, and it’s nice fellowship and we see some of the people around."

In addition  the Newton Township Fire Department were presented with a hand-painting of their Engine-Ladder by local artist Bob Grayson.