Genesis Top-Ranked Nationally

by Ashley Zilka on September 16, 2011 at 11:02 am

Within six months, Genesis HealthCare System has won its second top 100 national award.

Genesis was recently recognized as a top-ranked Community Value Provider by Cleverley + Associates, a leading national health care financial consulting firm. Genesis President and CEO, Matthew Perry, says the firm releases the findings as part of its publication: State of the Hospital Industry – 2011 Edition.

"We are a very high quality organization and relative to other hospitals around the country, the cost and prices of our services are low. That’s what people are looking for in health care…a better value," said Perry. 

Perry says this recognition is an exciting time for the local medical community and the residents that live here.

"I believe we can use this in our economic development story. This is just one more reason why businesses from around the country should locate in our region. They have a very high quality low cost health care system here," said Perry. 

Genesis was also named a Thompson Reuters 100 Top Hospital earlier this year.