Labor Day Opposition to SB5

by Danielle Cotterman on September 5, 2011 at 6:44 am

On this Labor Day the celebration of workers was at the forefront of so many minds as the talk of the country’s weak job growth and high levels of unemployment continues.

For many at the annual Labor Day parade in Newark the focus was on opposition to Senate Bill 5, the bill that strips public workers of some of their collective bargaining rights. The deadline for pulling the bill -also known as Issue 2 from the November ballot has passed. Now Union Members such as David Mcelfresh are banning together to have their voice be heard.

"Labors been under attack and they seem to think the unions are a dying breed but we’re here to show labor that working people are alive and well," said Mcelfresh. ‘We’re willing to fight for jobs and fight for unions and repeal Senate Bill 5."

Retired teacher and active union member David Greene believes the country was built on workers. He said individually people are weak but as a team they are strong.

"People recognize that by themselves they are very much pushed down, ignored and mistreated, that their wages become lower," said Greene. ‘If you look at Labors history see very clearly that working people have fought for many of the things we enjoy today, a shorter work day, a public education, health and safety. The only way we’re going to continue to do that is to be organized, for people to be together so they have some force."

Representatives from FOP, GMP, CWA, UAW, Teamsters and Firefighters local were present at Monday’s parade.