Maple Avenue Delays on the Way

by Kelly Choate on September 6, 2011 at 1:38 am

You might not have seen any construction on State Route 60 in Muskingum County over the holiday weekend, but the project will resume next week.

Ohio Department of Transportation District 5 Deputy Director Joe Rutherford said contractors will begin working on side streets that intersect the roadway on Monday.  He said resurfacing of Maple Avenue should start on September 19th and finish by October 31st.

"Asphalt resurfacing is a weather sensitive activity, so we’ll see how it goes," said Rutherford.  "If we have a dry fall, then we’ll be done, but if it’s wet like it has been for the last few days, we’ll see."

Rutherford said drivers can expect delays until the work is completed.  He said the project couldn’t wait because the pavement is showing its age.

"Newer pavement has better skid resistance," said Rutherford.  "That means if you have to hit the brakes hard, you’re going to get better traction, whether it be on dry or wet pavement."

Rutherford said the entire project will cost about $3,000,000.

"The project is funded through a combination of federal and state fuel taxes," said Rutherford.  "Everytime you fill up your tank, about 40 cents per gallon goes either to the federal government or the state of Ohio."

Drivers are asked to take alternate routes and avoid rush hour traffic if possible.