Maple Avenue Project Behind Schedule

by Kelly Choate on September 19, 2011 at 5:45 am

It’s time for drivers to plan alternate routes and avoid Maple Avenue in Zanesville.

Public service director Mike Sims said crews milled out side streets, and they’ve started working on the inside lanes of Maple Avenue.  Although progress is being made, Sims said the project might not be finished on time.

"They were supposed to be here in early to mid August, so I think they’re a little behind schedule," said Sims.  "They were originally projected to be completed by the end of October.  I would expect now that it’ll probably go to mid November."

Workers will be milling deeper along the edge of the concrete to improve the durability of the road and reduce the number of potholes.  Sims said the contractor chose to work on the project during the day for several reasons.

"The contractor did have the option to do the project during the day or during the night," said Sims.  "They selected to do it during the day simply because of the multitude of overhead – power wires and traffic signal lights – that are difficult for them to spot after dark."

Sims said the Ohio Department of Transportation is funding 80% of the project, and a $400,000 grant from Ohio Public Works is picking up 95% of the city’s bill.