Marijuana Plants Recovered, Search Continues

by Kelly Choate on September 20, 2011 at 7:17 am

The Muskingum and Morgan County sheriff’s offices are investigating a marijuana plot.

Authorities recovered 12 marijuana plants near 7405 and 7398 Sharps Ridge Road in McConnelsville.  Morgan County sheriff Tom Jenkins said about 70 plants had already been harvested.  He said a search warrant was obtained from the Morgan County court to enter the residence.

"While we have no exact figures, there is a large amount of marijuana partially processed in the residence, there’s a large quantity of guns, there’s a quantity of cash, there’s a quantity of prescription pills, which may or may not be illegal," said Jenkins.

Jenkins said he received the tip from the Muskingum County sheriff’s office and the Bureau of Criminal Investigation.  The search was conducted on the ground and in the air.

"The helicopter is provided to all sheriffs who would like to use it," said Jenkins.  "In the late spring, a schedule is made up, and the sheriffs know when the helicopter is going to come to their county.  It gives us a chance to get our people ready."

This raid is part of a day-long investigation taking place in both counties.  We’ll bring you more information as it becomes available.