New Hope Church Holds 9/11 Remembrance Service

by Mark Bullion on September 11, 2011 at 9:02 am

New Hope Full Gospel Church in Zanesville did its part in remembering those that perished on 9/11. 

A remembrance service was held for community members including the Tri-County Gold Star Families who lost their loved ones that fought overseas post 9/11.

"We want to offer hope and encouragement to them, prayers of healing for them, show respect to them and those who died and then also just have a place where the community can come together, pray for each other and know that there is hope in Jesus," said Church Administrator Jennifer King.

 At Sunday’s remembrance service, artifacts were on display that were donated from troops overseas which depict what life was and is like in fighting the war on terror.

"There’s Pepsi bottles, and Mountain Dew bottles that are written in Arabic, there’s capture cards, pictures of Iraqis, there’s what looks like a stone statue of Saddam Hussein that somebody maybe toppled over, books that were written, memories that people have shared," said King.

Several members of the Washington Township Volunteer Fire Department were also in attendance at Sunday’s service along with other state and local officials.