Old Steam and Gas Show

by Danielle Cotterman on September 25, 2011 at 7:59 am

Some area residents gathered Sunday at Gaumer Park in Adamsville for the annual Old Steam and Gas Show.

The show is put on each September by the Old Steam and Gas Club. President Jan Schneider show-cased an original 1903 stationary hay bailer which has since been restored for demonstrations. Schneider explained hay is still compressed for easier transportation but by restoring the old equipment you also restore history.

"If we don’t restore and take care of this old iron, it’ll go to the scrap yard and we don’t want that," said Schneider. "We want to have it available for the younger generations to see, and so they know what their fathers and grandfathers knew what they had to use to feed the country."

Farmer Michael Prouty took-part in the show. He explained his interest first began when his 11 year-old daughter began pulling garden tractors and has since grown into a father-daughter activity.

"I do a lot of it just for my own satisfaction, it’s kind of hard to explain why you would do it," laughed Prouty. "You spend several hundred dollars to restore something that’s worth 2 dollars, but you do it because you enjoy it and you do it for your own satisfaction."

The more than 200 members of the Old Steam and Gas Club have been meeting for nearly 25 years and meet annually the last week of September.