“Oldest Driver” Good Sport at Rainy Car Show

by Danielle Cotterman on September 4, 2011 at 6:48 am

The afternoon rain couldn’t keep car lovers of all ages from supporting their local fire department.

More than 100 cars came out to Sam Hatfield Stadium in Duncan Falls to take part in the 18th annual car show. All money raised will benefit the Wayne Township Volunteer Fire Department. Assistant Chief Steve Farus said it’s one of the only fundraisers they host each year, making it all the more important.

"Whenever you go out on a fire or wreck usually something gets lost or something gets broken," said Farus. "You always have to maintain and repair you equipment so it’s ready to go next time. This is what this money goes directly to the fire department to keep our stuff so we can provide good fire and safe travels for all of our travelers."

87-year-old Howard Kidwell drove about an hour from Martinsburg to take part in the show. He is a regularly awarded and recognized as the "Oldest Driver." Sunday he showed off his classic 41′ Model T Ford.

"I think what drew me into it was my father bought a brand new Model T the day I was born," said Kidwell. "He said his family got bigger, I had an older sister, and he had a Coop. He went from Ashtabula, from where we lived up on Lake Erie, down to Jefferson, paid $300 for a new Model T Ford and I liked Model T’s ever since."

Despite the soggy weather, the fire department estimated to raise about $1,000.