Protest Strikes Anchor Glass

by Danielle Cotterman on September 1, 2011 at 5:45 am

Protesters are walking the picket line on strike at the Anchor Glass Container Plant on Fairview Road in Zanesville. — it’s all in reaction to a breakdown in talks for a new agreement.

More than 30 local representatives of United Steel Workers gathered infront of Anchor Glass Container Corporation in Zanesville. U.S.W Spokesperson Wayne Ranick said the demonstration began at midnight.That’s when the previous Collective Bargaining Agreement expired. The protest is one of nine taking place across the country. Mold Makers of Anchor Glass are rejecting the idea of a two-tier benefit system and an increase in co-pay. Representatives say the company can afford to maintain the existing healthcare plan.

Anchor Glass stands behind their offer. General Counsel Jim Warner said the U.S.W members maintain market-competitive wages, healthcare and retiree benefits. Warner says Anchor’s offer for the new Collective Bargaining Agreement provides an overall increase in compensation.

Workers on strike represent about 6-percent of Anchor Glass’ hourly workforce. There are 93 employees at the Zanesville plant.