Raffle Brings People to Businesses

by Kelly Choate on September 21, 2011 at 5:37 am

The Gus Macker basketball tournament was canceled, but a new fundraiser is supporting the Zanesville Downtown Association.

Tickets for an upcoming raffle will be sold at the welcome center, the farmer’s market and businesses in Zanesville.  Downtown Association manager Dana Matz said the prizes are worth bragging about.

"First prize is a 32" Sanyo LCDTV, second prize is five $30 gift certificates to downtown restaurants and third prize is three $25 gift certificates to downtown businesses and a $50 savings bond provided by one of the downtown banks," said Matz.

The goal of the raffle is to bring people to local businesses.  Matz said he expects the fundraiser to be successful.

"First of all, it sends customers downtown – the more people that go to those businesses, the more successful they are," said Matz.  "It’s also a way to offset revenue that we no longer have coming in from events like the Gus Macker basketball tournament."

The price of one ticket is $10, or you can buy three tickets for $25.  The drawing will take place on December 12th.  For more information about the raffle, you can call (740) 455-8282.