“Why the Flags?”

by Danielle Cotterman on September 10, 2011 at 5:20 am

This Sunday will mark a decade since the September 11th attacks, and while remembering the heros and their stories plays a crucial role in the understanding of the attacks, it appears some may be beginning to forget.

About a mile of Clayspike in Zanesville is proudly decorated with the red, white and blue American Flags. It’s Fuller’s Fairway Assistant Store Manager Dan Jewell who displays the flags each American Holiday. But in these approaching days of the 9/11 anniversary Jewell is stunned at the number of people who ask…"why the Flags?"

"I just look at them and say Duh, what do you mean you know what Sunday is?" explained Jewell. " And then I tell them, you know, 9/11. So they realize it then."

Jewel spends more than an hour setting out the 200 American Flags. He said, it’s his small way of saying don’t forget…

"It’s about like Pearl Harbor after a while they forget it," said Jewell. "It’s something in history and never thought of again."

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