Benefit Dinner for Maysville High School Student

by Danielle Cotterman on October 27, 2011 at 6:27 am

The community is being asked to ban together and show their support for a Maysville High School student suffering from Scoliosis.

The curvature in Holly Sunafrank’s spine causes severe back pain and pressure on her internal organs. A benefit dinner at St. Johns Lutheran Church will help off set the cost needed to correct her spine. The surgery is estimated to cost about $8,000 plus a percentage of surgical and after care cost.

"We’re hoping for a at least 1,000 just from the community," said Pastor Brian George. "We have what is known as Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, that organization will match up to $1,000 for what ever we get."

Holly has been told that during the surgery she will likely loose a significant amount of blood. Holly is now asking the community to donate blood to the Red Cross and other organizations who help off set the blood needed in surgeries like hers.

"Now we know who ever donates won’t go directly to Holly but the Red Cross and other organizations use that blood to offset operations like this," said George. "So even if they can’t help us with the Spaghetti Dinner on November 5th they can help by going ahead and giving blood."

The Spaghetti Benefit Dinner will take place at St. Johns Lutheran Church in Janesville on Saturday November 5th. Tickets are $8  for adults and $4 for children. For more information or to make a donation contact Pastor Brian George at 740-452-9346.