Commissioners Discuss Impact of Animal Release

by Danielle Cotterman on October 20, 2011 at 6:18 am

Muskingum County Commissioners were in discussion the majority of Thursday afternoon, the talks stem from the release of exotic animals and the world wide media coverage that hit our area.

Commissioners spoke on the effect the events of the past couple days will have, not only on the county’s budget, but the reputation and image of the county.

"I think the Sheriff did an excellent job, the Commissioners are behind him 100% of the action he has taken and how he has represented his department," said Commissioner Jim Porter. "We are very proud of him."

Commissioners have not yet received a compilation of the expenses incurred by the Sheriff’s Department . With no events comparing in magnitude Commissioners have little to base their predictions on.

"Any extra expense right now is going to be a strain to us but again, we’ll find the money somewhere," expressed Porter.

The county’s fiscal year will end December 31st.