Commissioners Review County Home Proposals

by Kelly Choate on October 6, 2011 at 9:43 am

The Muskingum County Commissioners are still exploring options for the future of the County Home.

Vice President of Zandex Health Care Stoey Stout met with the commissioners on Thursday to discuss the status of Zandex’s proposal for the home.  Stout said it would be beneficial for the county to consider Zandex as an option.

"We did emphasize what we thought were the values of our proposal," said Stout.  "We feel pretty confident that Zandex would be able to take on most of the County Home employees.  We also feel very confident that the county would be able to save millions of dollars."

Stout said there are complex obstacles that the commissioners need to take into account while making their decision.  One of those issues is whether or not the county should certify the beds in the home.

"We outlined in our proposal that we think that there is significant savings to the taxpayers that can be realized by not going that route, but ultimately that is a decision that the commissioners will have to make," said Stout.

Zandex’s proposal outlines a six month timeline, but Stout said it’s difficult to determine when the next move will be made.