Dedication to City Clean-Up Recognized

by Danielle Cotterman on October 3, 2011 at 5:32 am

A lifetime spent maintaining and caring for his hometown will officially be recognized by the City of Zanesville as they declare the second Saturday of each October Wally Moore Clean-Up Day.

89-year-old Wally Moore was once a commonly seen man among the streets of downtown Zanesville. Moore’s deep appreciation for his hometown inspired him to walk the streets, pulling weeds, picking up garbage and bringing attention to the areas in need.

"That’s the whole object of living in a town," explained Moore, "to try and make it nice so you enjoy it because you’re in it everyday and if you enjoy it you know others people will want to come here to see it."

A goal Downtown Manager Dana Matz understands first-hand. Matz said the draw to a city and town is highly-based on, what he calls "curb appeal." Like many other cities and towns Zanesville does not always know when they’re a prospect location for an upcoming event. By never knowing when a site selector may visit, Matz said it’s crucial the city put its best foot forward at all times…all the more reason to honor Moore’s efforts.

"I know when he [Moore] did Maple Avenue project," explained Matz, "when he got done cleaning up somebody’s sidewalk he’d go up knock on the door and tell them what needs to be done next time so they could do it, not because he didn’t want to, but he was going on to his next project."

Moore’s projects not only focused on the beautification of Zanesville, but the safety aspects as well. City Code Enforcement Officer Tim Smith said he would annually receive a list from Moore of areas he would like to see the city undertake. Smith said Moore was quick to point out mishaps but constantly involved in the corrections. Moore’s letters to Smith would often times include, not only descriptions but photographs and ideas of how the problem could be resolved…a method Smith picked-up and still uses today.

"I just appreciate what Wally has done over the years and the friendship that we have formed," said Smith. "The fact that we can talk, and we do, and I miss him because he’s not able to get out as much as he used to."

The object of Moore’s work was always to encourage others to become involved, a mission the City of Zanesville has appreciated over the past decades and one they will now officially put into place.

The second week in October will officially be recognized as Wally Moore Day in downtown Zanesville. Beginning this Saturday residents are invited to come help clean-up the City of Zanesville. Interested participants can meet behind the Welcome Center shortly before 9 o’clock Saturday. Bring gloves, shovels, and other maintenance supplies.