Dispatchers Overwhelmed with Calls on Animal Shootings

by Danielle Cotterman on October 21, 2011 at 5:25 am

Muskingum County Dispatchers got an earful this week as phone lines lit up with people expressing their discontent over the shooting of animals.

Sheriff Matt Lutz said dispatchers were overwhelmed by the number of calls coming in. Some calls included foul language and hatred. There were also a lot of emails.

"It was was really frustrating for dispatch, they have never been through anything like that," said Lutz. "People in our community have no idea of how many calls came into our dispatch center, the three girls working dispatch just did a phenomenal job with a lot of very rude, unfriendly people."

Lutz received one of these calls while we spoke with him. He simply stated to the women "It was just something that had to be done for public safety." Lutz said they had no idea how much of a backlash would occur. Lutz plans to provide more relief for the dispatchers is something major happens again. In the mean time, they will deal with each call as it comes.

"There hasn’t been any direct threats made, we don’t want any direct threats made," expressed Lutz. "None of these officers had a personal vendetta when they went out there. They were put in a bad situation, this entire thing is very sad, very traumatic."

Overall, Lutz believes none of the negative calls came in from Muskingum County and that 95% of the calls have been positive.