Downtown Art Walk Reaches Putnam

by Danielle Cotterman on October 5, 2011 at 5:35 am

Friday’s Art Walk will feature an artist slightly off the beaten path of Downtown Zanesville.

Ceramic Artist Dan Towning has been working the past 20 years at restoring an old-brick home along Putnam Avenue. Three years ago he opened his own Gallery in the home’s downstairs shop.

"It’s just the greatest way to represent yourself," said Towning. "People can see you actually making your art and then they can look at the finished pieces."

Unlike normal pottery where it is left in the kiln until it cools, Towning creates Raku Pottery. The pieces are pulled out of the kiln while still hot and placed into a metal trash can filled with paper. Towning explains that when the flames shoot against the piece, this is what creates the unique smoky, multi-colored appearance.

"It makes each piece a one of a kind and you probably couldn’t duplicate two pieces alike if you tried," said Towning.

Towning’s Gallery will be open this Friday as part of the Art Walk or by scheduling an appointment.


Dan Towning

605 Putnam Ave. Zanesville

(740) 607-1660