Exotic Animal Tattoos Raise Money for Surviving Animals

by Danielle Cotterman on October 23, 2011 at 12:17 pm

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In light of the recent incident where nearly 50 exotic animals lost their life, a tattoo shop in South Zanesville invites the community to show their support of the surviving animals.

Of the all the animals released by Terry Thompson, only 6 survived and are now being cared for by the Columbus Zoo. Owner of Yellow Rose Tattoo Billy White will donate 100% of proceeds raised by animal tattoos to the Exotic Animal Support Fund at the Columbus Zoo.

"No one won in any of this," said White. "It’s just trying to shine some light on it because there can be some good that comes from everything." 

Saturday afternoon a long-time friend of Thompson, John Yoho, received his first tattoo, a White Bengal Tiger. The tiger had a "T" hidden in the stripes to represent the name "Terry Thompson" and a tear falling from the tiger’s eye.

"I’ve been looking for a reason for a first Tattoo," said Yoho. "Being a friend of Terry’s and knowing the situation somewhat it seemed like the perfect opportunity and the right thing to do."

 Yellow Rose Tattoo has received such a large response, they will extend the offer through next week. Already nearly 20 tattoos have been given, raising about $1,400.00