Exotic Animals a Concern in Perry Co.

by Danielle Cotterman on October 28, 2011 at 6:59 am

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Some Perry County residents are nervous over a Madison Township property housing exotic animals… Following last week’s incident in Muskingum County at Terry Thompson’s farm.

Perry County Sheriff William Barker said he has been keeping a sharp eye on the Township Road 106 property. At last count the Sheriff said homeowner Andrea Morris had four bears and four lions. But he believes there has been more in the past. The Sheriff said originally Morris was reluctant to let him onto the property.

"Obviously the issue is if we are allowed to posses these animals there need to be some standards," said Barker. "Some regulation that tell us this is what we’re looking for a minimum standards for housing them."

Neighbor Jeri Ludwig didn’t want to show her face but lives near by the property and fears the animals could escape- with little kids and dogs in the neighborhood she said it’s just too risky.

"I think it’s selfish on her part," said Ludwig. "I don’t think she should keep them caged. I don’t think any exotic animal should be caged. There is a place for them and it’s not here."

The Sheriff said when he was on the property he saw evidence of damage to the cages and felt they weren’t properly secured. He said until the laws clearly define what is secure-there is little he can do. He is working to bring professionals from the Columbus Zoo and Licking County Humane Society to properly evaluate the situation.