Fabri-Form Hosts Open House

by Kelly Choate on October 5, 2011 at 7:04 am

A New Concord company is celebrating new leadership and its 68th year in business.

Robert Zachrich has been promoted to President of Fabri-Form, which specializes in reusable packaging technology.  John Knight has been CEO for 30 years, and he said Fabri-Form leads the industry because the best people work here.

"A company is more about the people," said Knight.  "It’s not about the people who own it, but it’s about the people who run it, the people who love it, the people who sweat for it, the people who give their careers to it."

Zachrich began working for the company in 2008 as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  He said he’s eager to step into his new role and maintain the longstanding relationship between Fabri-Form and the New Concord community.

"We’re active in all of the athletics and the sponsorships," said Zachrich.  "There are a lot of people who are employed here.  One of the bigger employers in New Concord is Fabri-Form, so the strength of how this company is doing is a sign of how well everything else is going in this community."

Fabri-Form hosted an open house for business leaders and community members to familiarize themselves with the company.