Genesis Fall Festival Makes-Up After Rain

by Danielle Cotterman on October 2, 2011 at 6:13 am

If you were one of many that were planning on attending The Genesis Children’s Center Fall Festival Saturday your plans were canceled on the account on rain.

On Sunday, with only a few lingering clouds the activities resumed. Kids spent the day playing games, creating crafts and interacting with their teachers in a fun atmosphere.

"They’re excited and like the way I’m dressed today, they look at me twice like, ‘Whoa that’s Misses Mac," laughed Pre-School Teacher Barb McKinnon, who was dressed festively in orange and black with a witches hat. "It’s just really fun because they know so many of the teachers and then the ones they don’t know they get to see here and meet the other teachers as well."

Jennifer Ward has been bringing her family to the festival for the past 6 years. All three of her daughter’s attend the Children’s Center. Ward said it’s an opportunity for parents to get to know the teachers, just as she has…

"They love our kids, you can tell it everyday, every morning when you drive-up, for me it’s that comfort," expressed Ward before describing her daughter’s relationships with their teachers, "Claire, they’ve known her before she was born… Emily, before she was a year old. It’s just that feeling of home. "

The Fall Festival serves as an annual fundraiser for Genesis Children’s Center. All proceeds will go toward educational material and school supplies.