Nichole Hannahs

Growing Muskingum County

by Nichole Hannahs on October 10, 2011 at 11:50 am

Thousands of dollars in contributions helps bring attention to Muskingum County.

Since 1989 the Chamber of Commerce, through contributions from the private business sector, have contributed money in a partnership with the Port Authority to help fund roads, support marketing and fund other projects. The Chamber of Commerce President said private donations help to grow business.

"This is their market place," explained Tom Poorman. "It gives them customers doing business here locally. It helps promote the quantity and quality so there are any number of reasons why in their own vested interest they’d be reinvesting in economic development."

Poorman said it’s been the Port and Chamber’s intention to draw attention to the good things going on in our community.

"The greatest endorsement we can have is to tell our success stories and in the business world that is noted," said Poorman. "They see that in the business world, around the state, around the nation and it can lead and I believe it does lead to more success in economic development."

Those businesses looking to join the Muskingum Growth Partnership can do so by visiting the Chamber of Commerce website.