Halloween Night: Deadly for Pedestrians

by Danielle Cotterman on October 27, 2011 at 6:33 am

A new study says Halloween is the most deadly night out of the year for pedestrians.

The study comes from AAA’s Foundation for Traffic Safety. With an increase in activity between 4 o’clock and midnight Zanesville Police Chief Eric Lambes reminds both drivers and walkers to take extra precaution.

"There are things we look for," said Zanesville Police Chief Eric Lambes. "We’re going to have extra officers, or the officers that are out there are going to be paying attention a little more to traffic and make themselves aware, try to keep traffic slowed down."

With Halloween falling on a Monday this year, parties and Trick-or-Treat are spread throughout the weekend and the beginning of next week. Drivers are encouraged to keep a watchful eye- especially at the end of school days.

"The excitements going to start at school with parties, and kids getting off school,’ said Lambes. "They’re going to be in that excited state as soon as that final school bell rings."

Motorists are advised to avoid neighborhood shortcuts, watch for children in the street, slow down and drive sober.

Pedestrians are advised to wear bright colored clothing, follow road rules, and trick-or-treat with others.