History Heard Through Music

by Danielle Cotterman on October 30, 2011 at 7:03 am

After 150 years have passed, the music and emotion of the American Civil War can still be heard.

Sunday afternoon the community gathered at Putnam Presbyterian Church in Zanesville to hear Musician and Historian Steve Ball perform a musical presentation of the war.

"Some people can understand things more through music," said Church Member Gloria Kreis. "There’s a lot of familiar songs he sings that were written during Civil War times and just tell a little story."

Included in the performance is what Ball calls one of the most popular love songs of the time. The song "Lorena" is the story of one man’s love for a young lady living on Hamline Hill. Ball ties the song’s history directly to Zanesville.

He explains, "The ending lyrics of the second verse are ‘Up the hilly slope we climb, to watch the dying of the day and hear the distant church bells chime.’ That is actually when they walked up to the top of Hamline Hill, as lovers, watched the sunset and could hear the church bells in downtown Zanesville. Now you can still do that today."

Ball said the song "Lorena" was banned by the Confederate Army in 1964 because it caused men to became overwhelmingly home sick and encouraged desertion.

Proceeds from the performance will be donated to the South Zanesville Food Pantry.

For more information on Steve Ball visit, www.steveballcivilwarmusic.com