Issue 2: Both Sides Taking Shots at Each Other

by Mark Bullion on October 11, 2011 at 8:52 am

Both sides in the battle to repeal Ohio’s collective bargagining law are taking shots at each other. It all stems from a great grandmother and firefighters appearing in seperate ads.

Union-backed "We Are Ohio" notes the ad features an elderly woman by the name of Marlene Quinn who talks about how firefighters saved her Great Grand-Daughter Zoey from a fire in Cincinnati. She clearly states in the ad how she is against Issue 2 and asks voters to repeal the law. An ad by republican and business based "Building A Better Ohio" used the same footage cutting out Quinn’s repeal request.

"It’s manipulating video, it’s the same old politics we’ve been watching this administration do in Columbus since the beginning of the year," said Zanesville Firefighter Trevor Meek who is against Issue 2.

Quinn released a public statement saying she gave no verbal or written permission for the group to misrepresent her views.

"I’ve got faith in the voters around here, I’ve been knocking on doors this week because people are mad and when I’m knocking on their doors, when I’m telling them about the ads, what I’m telling them about the publicity that’s out there and how skewed it is, and when I give them the facts and I’m able to hands them the facts, I’ve got people hugging me and shaking my hand and telling me we’re all about you," said Meek.

Meanwhile, "Building A Better Ohio" accused a firefighter from a previous "We Are Ohio" ad of lying to news media about his health benefit costs. At issue is a law banning public worker strikes and limiting bargaining by more than 350-thousand public employees. Voters decide if Issue 2 stays or goes November 8th.