Local Twin Brothers Earn Top Ranks in Archery

by Mark Bullion on October 26, 2011 at 4:35 am

Some local high school students are being recognized for their accomplishments in the sport of archery.

Cody Bush, who took first place in the World Archery Tournament and his twin brother Colt Bush, who took 20th place, were both presented an honorary certificate of achievement by the Muskingum County Commissioners Wednesday afternoon.

"It makes you feel really good. It’s pretty cool to shoot and be number one is even better," said Cody.

 The twins credit their parents and coaches for their continued support over the years, especially since they shoot together.

"I just practice beside him all the time. Practicing about the same time, I just try to keep steady and keep my nerves down," said Colt.

The twins competed in Columbus for States, Louisville, Kentucky, for Nationals, and Orlando, Florida for the World competition. Both plan to continue shooting in hopes of getting scholarships for college.