Median removal means easier access for emergency vehicles

by Mark Bullion on October 11, 2011 at 9:24 am

Zanesville City Council passed a resolution on a small Maple Avenue project that means a big safety improvement to the road.

A 20-foot section of the median at Military and Maple was tapered down to allow for easier access of police and emergency vehicles to cross over it. Though Council passed the resolution Tuesday night, Zanesville Public Service Drector Mike Sims says the city didn’t have enough time before the Maple Avenue construction began to get the correct approvals from ODOT and it wasn’t until last thursday they got the approval and the project was completed Sunday.

"Had we waited for the construction, we would have had to tear up fresh asphalt, would have had to run heavy equipment on the new asphalt and probably tracked it up or rutted it up," said Sims.

Sims says while things have been hectic on Maple over the past few weeks, the project is nearing completion.

"It’s a temporary inconvenience for permanent improvement. That’s the best I can say, it will be rather annoying through the end of this month. It is scheduled to be complete October 31st weather providing if it doesn’t rain us out this week," added Sims.

In other council news, an ordinance in its first reading was passed allowing the City to amend it’s Zoning and Planning code in order to allow for a new district in downtown to be designed specifically for more of a cultural and arts venue to help draw attention to the city’s growing popularity in the arts.