OUZ Walking Trail Gets Makeover

by Danielle Cotterman on October 22, 2011 at 9:02 am

A community project working to make a difference will refurbish the walking trail behind Ohio University Zanesville.

Representative Michele Shirer choose the Collegial Woods Trail as her project for United Healthcare Community Plan after realizing the benefits of the trail are hardly recognized by the community.

"In this economy it’s hard to find something healthful, to do things healthier on a fixed budget," said Shirer. "This is free, it’s free, it’s beautiful, it’s fun, there is nothing coming out here, it’s quiet."

The project will consist of two phases; one to beautify the trail by adding benches, butterfly gardens, pet waste stations and mile markers. The other, to work with area programs to encourage group-walks.

"You want amenities so people will come," said Muskingum Valley Park District Director Bonnie Dailey. "Michele’s idea was if you add some colorful things along this gravel trail the people who are visiting the campus, playing tennis, walking, will then be enticed to come back here as opposed to just walking on the sidewalk."

The trail is open to the public and runs about 3 miles in distance.