Revolutionary War Veteran Honored

by Danielle Cotterman on October 1, 2011 at 8:26 am

The Village of Somerset came together to honor and remember a notable Revolutionary War Veteran Saturday afternoon.

Members of the Perry County Historical Society said Lieutenant Edward Rose was originally from Bedford, Pennsylvania. He enlisted in the Bedford County Militia and was later appointed First Lieutenant in the First Battalion, Second Company. The idea of the ceremony came after a historian discovered Rose was buried in a local cemetery and is rumored to be a member of the Rose Family – of which Roseville, Ohio was named.

"There’s no connection," stated Member of the Perry County Historical Society David Snider, "maybe a cousinage connection with Roseville but that’s not entirely true. What he was was a common, ordinary, everyday man. He happened to be a country treasurer back in Bedford but he is a regular guy as a far as we can tell."

The two-part ceremony began at Pig Foot Square in Somerset and was then lead by the Heritage Fife and Drum Corps to the Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery where Rose was buried. A Sons of the American Revolution Patriot Grave Marker was placed on the site.

"This part of the world, Somerset, Zanesville, all of Central Ohio was settled by Revolutionary War Veterans and their children," said Snider. "This is our way of honoring a burial in the Old Lutheran Cemetery here today."

Historians aimed to reach-out to the youth as part of the ceremony, with the underlying goal of carrying on the meaning of patriotism and the value of American freedom.