Road Crews Ready for Snow and Ice

by Danielle Cotterman on October 31, 2011 at 4:27 am

The first signs of colder weather are fast approaching. The Ohio Department of Transportation is already gearing up to keep your winter commute clear and safe this winter season.

Snow and ice team members have already stocked salt and other snow melting equipment, in addition to double-checking trucks and equipment to assure an easy start to the season.

"Right now we do not anticipate any salt shortage all of our inventories are currently stalked up," said Muskingum County ODOT Manager Raymond Dailey. "We have a contract with a salt vendor that requires them to deliver."

ODOT teams throughout surrounding counties have a total of more than 3,000 lane miles of roadway to maintain. Muskingum County Manager Raymond Dailey wants to remind all drivers to be cautious as the season begins.

"The first few snows the people forget how to drive in the snow and ice," said Dailey. "They think it’s like summer time and they can just get up late, head right out and go as fast as they can and that usually gets them in trouble this time of year."

Dailey said Muskingum County has 24 trucks and more than 6,000 pounds of salt prepared.

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