Small Staffing Changes Likely Coming to ZPD

by Mark Bullion on October 24, 2011 at 10:02 am

Some staffing changes are likely coming to the Zanesville Police Department.

Monday, Zanesville City Council passed an ordinance in its first reading that would allow the Police Department to increase its lieutenants on staff from two to three allowing a lieutenant to be on staff during all three shifts.

"If you have three lieutenants, you have a lot more continuity. Where if you just have two lieutentants, they are on midnight-afternoon, midnight-afternoon, but if you have the (three) lieutenants, you’ll have one on each shift," said Zanesville Public Safety Director Robert Brandford.

Zanesville Independent Mayoral Candidate Randy Case addressed council including Brandford on why these changes need to be done now and not before, especially since this administration only has a couple months left in office.

"Quitting, resigning, retiring, and every time you do that, you end up with people who for example like a lot of times we may need officers but we also have situations where we have officers off on sick or injury or whatever kind of time, that’s a spot that is not actually filled," said Brandford.

The measure would also decrease its police sergeants on staff from five to four but Brandford says no officers will lose their job.

It will go up for second reading next council meeting.

In other council news, an ordinance in its first reading was passed allowing the City to contract out Adams Bros. Engineering to make storm sewer drain improvements along Maple Avenue between Francis and Taylor Streets because of potential flooding issues that may arise.